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Supported Chips

For each chip family, we have co-ordinated information on all the products that COMSOL can supply for use with those chips.

Within each chip family, the first part of the entry contains Compilers, Real-Time Executives, assemblers and FORTH software where, if the underlying architecture is supported, all variants will also be supported.
"ROM debug monitors" are software utilities available with some compilers which allow high level code to be debugged as it is executed on a target board via a serial link to a PC running a debugger.

These are then followed by simulators, ICE, and device programmers where it is necessary to know whether the exact chip specified is supported.
"ICE Drivers" are software utilities that allow an ICE or BDM device to be used to control a microprocessor but which link to a software simulator to provide the user interface.

After this are ROM emulators and other generally useful products.

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Chip Families
AMD x86
- See Intel x86
Analogue Devices Blackfin
Analogue Devices DSP 21xx
Analogue Devices DSP SHARC

Atmel 89
- See Intel 8051
Atmel AVR
Cyan eCOG1
Dallas Semi 320
- See Intel 8051
Fujitsu F2MC-16
NXP/Freescale 8 bits
NXP/Freescale 16 & 32 bits
Hitachi 6301
- See Motorola 6801
Hitachi 64180
- See Zilog Z180
Hitachi 7000
Hitachi H400
Hitachi H8/300
Hitachi H8/300H
Hitachi H8/500
Hitachi H8S/2000
Hitachi SH
- See Power PC
Infineon 500 and 800 
- See Intel 8051
Infineon 166
Infineon TriCore
Intel 8048
Intel 8051
Intel 251
Intel 8085
Intel 8096
Intel 8086
Intel 80186/88
Intel 80860
Intel 286
Intel 386/486
Intel i960
Intel XScale
- See ARM
Microchip PIC, PIC 18 & dsPIC
Micronas C816

Mitsubishi 38
Mitsubishi MELPS 740
Mitsubishi MELPS 7700
Mitsubishi M16C
Mitsubishi M32C

Motorola 6800
Motorola 6801
Motorola 6805 & 68HC05
Motorola 68HC08 & 68HCS08
Motorola 6809
Motorola 68HC11

Motorola 68HC12 & MC9S12
Motorola 68HC16
Motorola 68000 CPU32 & 32+ 
Motorola MCORE
Motorola Coldfire
Motorola PowerPC
- See Power PC
Motorola 56000
Motorola Starcore
National Semiconductors COP 400, COP 800
NSC 800

NEC 7800
NEC 78K 0/78KOS
NEC 78K2
NEC 78K3
NEC 78K4
NEC 78K6
NEC V20 / V30
NEC V40 / V50
NEC V850
NEC 7500 - 7800
NXP (Philips) LPC

OKI 65000
Panansonic MN 10200

Philips 8051XA

Philips Facelec 840

Philips 552 - See Intel 8051
- See Microchip
Power PC
RCA 1802
Rockwell 6502
Rockwell C18
Rockwell C24
Samsung SAM-8
SGS Thompson ST7/19
SGS Thompson ST9
SGS Thompson ST Super 10
SGS Thompson ST10
- See Infinion 166
Sharp SM6000
Sharp SM8500
Siemens (Infineon) 500
- See Intel 8051
Siemens (Infineon) 166
Siemens (Infineon) TriCore
- See Motorola Starcore
Texas Inst 32010
Texas Inst 32020
Texas Inst 32050
Texas C3x, C4x, C5x, C6x
Texas Inst TMS 9990
Texas Inst TMS 370
Texas Inst TMS 7000
Texas Inst MSP 430s
Toshiba TLCS 47
Toshiba TLCS 90
Toshiba TLCS 900
Western Design Centre (WDC) 6502
- See Rockwell 6502
Western Design Centre 65816
XScale - Intel 
- See ARM
Zilog Z8

Zilog Z80 & eZ80
Zilog Z180
Zilog Z280
Zilog Z8000
Zilog Super 8

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