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Micro-Search 8051

Starting a new project and looking for that Microcontroller / CPU / Microprocessor with just the right combination of performance, memory and I/O? Well COMSOL is here to help. Starting with over 1,111   8051 variants from 55 manufacturers we have created a database of chip features that can be searched to identify the best possible candidates for your application. In the future we intend to add many more chip families so keep this page book-marked.


We have attempted to create a level playing field by comparing the chips using a uniform set of standards and we suggest that you spend a moment reviewing our categories and ground rules before exploring the data.

If you are new to the 8051 architecture our short 8051 Tutorial may help you get up to speed on this popular  microprocessor family


There are a number of standard reports available and each report is sorted by different criteria, which we hope you find useful.  Our latest enhancement is the Self Selection Micro-Search where you choose what is in the report and how it is sorted.

Standard Reports

Each report shows a subset of the options, chosen to reflect typical requirements and sorted by multiple criteria. The chip name on that report is a link to a page showing full details of that chip including Suppliers and a web link to its Datasheet.

All 8051 chips (by manufacturer)

This special report lists all 8051 chips, separated by manufacturer

Single Chip Systems

This report shows the CPU, on chip programmable ROM, on chip RAM, equivalent maximum speed, maximum clock speed, I/O bits and Additional Features. Sorted in ascending order.

RAM and I/O if using external ROM

This report shows the CPU, on chip RAM, I/O bits available if using off chip addressing, and Additional Features. Sorted in ascending order.

On-chip RAM the main constraint

This report shows the CPU, on chip RAM, Timers and Additional Features. Sorted in ascending order.

High speed requirement

This report shows the CPU, max equivalent clock speed, RAM, I/O bits and Additional Features. Sorted in descending order.

All chips, all details

This report shows everything ordered only by CPU name (it's 41 pages long - you have been warned!)

Custom Reports

Each project has its own unique requirements and so we have given you the ability to decide what parameters you want to select by; be it Flash/ROM/RAM size, support for CAN or availability in a SOIC package.  Also you get to decide which characteristics you wish to list so you can further optimise your design.  The Self Selection Micro-Search engine will then create a search report, which only you can access, that just shows those items .

            To use this free service follow this link
Further Information

Looking for an 8051 IP core ?

We have a list of manufacturers that you may find useful.  IP Cores

If you have already selected your chip

Then please feel free to browse the listings, but your next step should be to visit our Supported Chips Directory which will provide you with links to all the development tools available for over 100 microprocessor families.


The information provided in the web pages described above has been produced in good faith but Computer Solutions Ltd does not warrantee that it is correct and accepts no liability associated with the use of that information.


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