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Celebrating 40 years
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Company Profile

Computer Solutions (COMSOL for short) was formed in 1979. We are an independent UK owned limited company, staffed by a small team of well qualified engineers. Our experience in microprocessors, microcontrollers, electronics, instrumentation PCs and computer software involves over 30 different computer families.

Our major activities are the sale of tools to assist in the development of microprocessor based applications.

Over the years we have also developed a our own ranges of software and hardware tools and a substantial number of applications for clients including......

  • A large (30,000 sensor) fire safety system using 6809 outstations reporting to duplicated 68000's with five colour monitors for operator information.
  • An 8085 module that controls a radio relay station with 3,000 inputs and outputs.
  • A family of medical syringe controllers using a 6301 microcontroller.
  • A chemical ion monitor and alarm unit.
  • A multi-processor, multi-axis robotic control system.
  • An 8051 and PC based control system for a therapeutic X-Ray treatment unit - uses our chipFORTH product.
  • A PC network controller that managed multiple photocopiers, validating all copy requests against its database and billing clients accordingly.
  • Software to simplify calibration of ultrasonic scanners for the National Standard.
  • A Z80 control system for refrigeration in supermarkets.
  • A software support system for a DSP processor based on VME cards.
  • A networked gas alarm system.
  • Y2K validation of a lock control system.
  • Complex building lighting and PA systems one of which uses 7,000 8051 micros as well as our MIMIC product.
  • Production line scanning equipment for improved control and quality monitoring.
  • Medical instrumentation using radio networks to distribute data around an operating theatre - uses our chipFORTH product.
  • Central monitoring and control systems for bulk liquid handling - uses our MIMIC product.
  • A single chip domestic burglar alarm - uses our chipFORTH product.
  • Remote TV transmitter control system - uses our MIMIC product.
  • A PC control system for a 50 ton high speed hydraulic press.
  • High performance multi-tasked SCSI driver.
  • A fire alarm monitoring system that includes dual PCs and dual I/O systems with automatic recovery in the event of either I/O card or PC failure.
  • Test and validation suites for terminals implementing OTA, an advanced smart card standard.


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