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PEmicro Cyclones in production application

Using a simple interface cable connecting directly to the USB of the PC these BDM cables can be used to program both internal and external flash memories connected to Kinetis, Coldfire, Qorivva, 68HCS08, 68HC12, 68HCS12, 68HC16, 68332, CPU32,  or Power PC.  Many of the 68HC08 chips include an on chip monitor MON08 and PEmicro's HC08 products interface to it both for development and programming purposes. 

The Cyclone range cover the range  HC08/S08/R08, HC12/S12/S12X up to Arm Cortex, Kinetis, ColdFire, PPC and MAC71xx,72xx (ARM)).  They have USB and Ethernet interfaces for maximum speed. They can be used as BDM/JTAG interfaces for debugging during development but also as standalone programmers which once loaded do not need a PC. In addition for large production programming applications a single PC can drive multiple cyclones each holding many memory images.

Cyclone models are also available for ARM Cortex M0-4, STM 32 and other STM families and a range of Renesas microcontrollers.  


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