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Portable Digital Oscilloscope DSO-2102

Available with Parallel Port or USB Connection

The DSO-2102 PC-Based Oscilloscopes connect to your desktop or laptop via the parallel port or USB port (optional). Both channels can operate at up to 100 Million Sa/s with a 32K sample buffer. The 2102M version includes a Spectrum Analyzer (FFT), Advanced triggering, Pass/Fail testing and displays many other useful characteristics of the data.

  • DSO2102 100MSa/s (100 Million Samples per second) sampling rates

  •  32K deep data buffers

  • Software selectable sample rates as low as 1KSa/s. 

  • Advanced Triggering

  • 50 MHz Spectrum Analyzer/FFT (DSO-2102M)

  • Software libraries (DLL and LabView)

  • Battery power option 

  • Attaches to your PC or laptop via the parallel port or the USB port (Optional) 

  • Highly Portable 

  • Automatic Data Storage,    Data save/load,     Data export to other programs

  • Software for DOS, W95/98/NT/2K/XP

Triggering   The DSO-2102 has many triggering options: 

  • Level trigger with rising or falling slope

  • TV Horizontal   or   TV Vertical 

  • Pulse count (DSO-2102M only). Trigger on the Nth pulse

  • Pulse width (DSO-2102M only). Trigger on a pulse of a certain width

  • Pulse width + count (DSO-2102M only). Trigger on the Nth pulse of a certain width

Data handling

The buffer has fully adjustable pre/post trigger positioning. This lets you define how much data is collected before the trigger event and how much is collected after. 

After recording the data, "zoom-and-scroll" simplifies troubleshooting and analysis. The display shows the entire recorded waveforms. Additionally, the user can zoom in (up to 50X) on signal details and scroll through long data records to identify and characterise problems. The locked all-channel zoom keeps all the analog waveforms synchronised.

The deep memory allows analysis of jitter from the beginning of the record to the end. By zooming/scrolling and then measuring with three cursors, pulse widths and channel-to-channel timing can be compared at different sections of data streams. This feature allows identification of time varying problems such as "power-on" sequences and clock jitter.

You do not need to write programs to transfer data or panel settings to disk - Just click on File Save. 

DC to 50 MHz Spectrum AnalyserDSO2120 Spectrum Analyser

The DSO-2102M also delivers high accuracy spectrum analysis. A binary FFT algorithm is used to break the input signal down into its spectral components. Unlike swept spectrum analyzers which require a stable repetitive signal the 2102M can also analyse transient event spectra. The frequency range extends from DC to roughly one half the selected sample rate (Nyquist frequency).

Although the PC displays the data and provides the user interface. It is not used for high speed data acquisition. If your PC is fast enough and has enough memory to run windows well it will run this device well. 

Automatic Data Storage

Superior to most stand-alone instruments, the DSO-2102 lets you store an unlimited number of waveforms, timing patterns, and spectra to disk. Later, recall the data to the screen for visual inspection and comparison to "live" data. Or process the stored waveforms through the DSO-2102M spectrum analyzer and waveform analysis functions. Or use your own software to analyze archived waveforms. To save time, you can set the 2102M to automatically datalog your waveforms to a mass storage device after each trigger. Or the data logger can store only waveforms meeting specific parameter criteria, such as rise times between 20 and 30 ns and pulse widths greater than 100 ms, etc.... Data can be stored in our format or in industry standard format for exporting to other software.

Advanced waveform measurements are included with the FrontPanel(TM) software.  (DSO-2102M has 45 measurements and the DSO2102S has 5).  

The DSO2102M can even do PASS/FAIL testing based on the results of those measurements.  Data can be logged to disk automatically on PASS or FAIL.

Pocket DSO - Measurements Screen

The DSO is about the size of a video tape (18 cm x 10 cm x 4cm). If you need portability what could be easier than connecting the DSO to your laptop.




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