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Celebrating 40 years
supplying all your CAN and Embedded Development Tool needs


CAN  Products

If you are new to CAN we have a brief  CAN Tutorial  that you may find informative


We also have Peaks 2019 Catalogue (32MB) available for download

Peak CAN interfaces

COMSOL supply a variety of  interfaces between PCs and the CAN bus.  Manufactured by Peak-System Technik  -  all units are available with or without optical isolation and all include PCAN-Basic the free CAN software package that runs on W10, W8.1, 7, CE - ARM & x86, Linux. (32/64 bit).



The latest upgrade to the CAN standard for those who need to go faster.  Learn all about it on this page and also see Peaks latest range of CAN FD devices 

USB CAN 2.0A/B  

The favourite for its ease of use with desktops or portables. We have single channel with or without opto isolation, Dual channel and a CAN interface with an integral USB hub. 

PCI interfaces

Available for Standard/Mini/Compact and Express PCI with one or two ports per card.

PC-104 interfaces

Single and dual channel support is available for these small  PC-104 boards including Plus and Express formats. 

PC (PCMCIA)  and Express interfaces

Available with one or two ports per card and optionally including opto isolation.

ISA card interface

Available with one or two ports per card.

Parallel port - Dongle

This interface via the parallel port was Peaks original CAN product - it works in Multiplex or EPP modes.

CAN bus Diagnostics, Repeaters &  Routers

PCAN mini diag FD is a hand held bus diagnostic and fault finding unit. A Repeater will isolate sections of a CAN bus. A CAN Router will take information from one CAN bus, filter or modify it and send it to a second bus. 

Cables, converters and isolation

We can supply ready assembled high quality CAN cables, a number of isolation and converter modules as well as OBD-2, J1939 connectors and custom cabling.


Lawicel CAN interfaces


Made by Lawicel this interface links any CAN network to a standard RS232 line.  It uses a simple serial protocol so can be easily driven from an embedded systems RS232 port or from a PC with COM: output strings.


Made by Lawicel this interface links any CAN network to a PC via a USB port.  It uses the USB serial class protocol so looks to the PC like an RS232 COM: port which is used to drive the CAN interface.

Peak Logo












Peak SILO modules

Peak CAN software


All Peak CAN interfaces include the PCAN-Basic package that includes drivers for W10,8.1,7,CE - ARM & x86, Linux. (32/64 bit) as well as DLLs and example programs for C++ variants, VB, Delphi, Java and Python 2.6.  They also include PCAN-View a useful Windows diagnostics application that displays and logs all messages on the bus as well as allowing manual creation of test messages.

PCAN-Explorer V5

This is a more sophisticated CAN analysis, diagnostic or automation package that turns your interface into a CAN protocol analyser.  It includes facilities to log and graph data in real time as well as to create complex test and debug sequences It can also display a mimic diagram with operator panels driven from the CAN messages. Support is also available for the full J1939 descriptors.

PCAN-FMS Toolkit

This package is specifically designed for users of the FMS truck and bus standard.  It can be used to display the FMS messages on a simulated dashboard, and log the data to disk. Alternatively data can be taken from a manual control panel, or from a pre-recorded log and sent to the CAN bus to simulate a situation. 


For multi threaded and event triggered applications this package provides a more powerful API than the PCAN-Basic package.

Other CAN software

Drivers are available to integrate the Peak range into a number of standards these include  Linux and  Labview.

CAN Open software

Drivers are available to integrate the Peak range of I/O devices into CAN Open and to monitor, control or simulate CAN Open systems.

Peak CAN modules

CAN industrial Data Acquisition Systems

A range of intelligent units that may be programmed to support a variety of CAN controller requirements from simple logging to advanced GPRS mobile applications.

Configurable CAN I/O modules

A selection of CAN I/O modules that can be simply and quickly re-configured to meet the majority of Data collection tasks including reading from RS232 devices and reporting GPS location.


This simple board can be used for a variety of I/O tasks. 8 digital in, 8 out, 8 *10 bit analogue inputs and 4 PWM outputs all configurable via an on board micro and the CAN bus. Size = 32*36mm.  An evaluation board makes it an ideal learning tool. 

Peak LIN modules

LIN Interfaces and Gateway

Our PCAN-USB Pro interface can drive two LIN buses. A LIN gateway is also available that provides a simple link between CAN and LIN.  Ideal for systems that require both LIN and CAN standards.




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