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PCAN-USB  Pro      Dual CAN, Dual LIN Interface            

 IPEH-002061                        PCAN-USB  Information on PEAK USB interfaces and software 1.6MBytes  

Up to four connections are available, using appropriate adapter cables (2 x CAN, 2 x LIN).  Its robust aluminium casing makes the PCAN-USB Pro adapter suitable for mobile applications.

Time stamp resolution 1 μs

Extended operating temperature range -40 to 85 C

Each CAN and LIN channel is separately opto-decoupled against USB and the other buses

Autonomous LIN scheduler with support for unconditional, event, and sporadic frames that can also work through multiple schedule tables

PCAN-Basic & PLIN-Basic APIs, 32 and 64 bit versions of  W7, XP, Vista, CE (ARM & x86), Linux drivers, PCAN-View  and PLIN-View CAN and LIN Monitors are all included

LIN Gateway 

In many applications (in particular automotive) LIN is used as a low cost, low performance, local data collection or control bus. This module acts as a gateway between a CAN bus and a LIN bus.

A software package is provided that can set up the PCAN-LIN in one of a number of modes ( CAN to LIN, Serial to CAN, Serial to LIN).  The most useful of these is the CAN to LIN mode.  Using it the module acts as a LIN master windowing its LIN addresses onto a selected area in the CAN message space and through that window sends incoming CAN packets to LIN and LIN to CAN. 

  • PCAN-LIN is compliant with the LIN Protocol Specification Rev. 1.3 (power management functions such as Sleep Mode and Wake Up Signal are however NOT implemented)
  • LIN speed range  1000 Bits/sec to 20000 Bits/sec
  • A user-definable LIN-ID list provides a simple mechanism for scheduling a limited number of LIN messages to take place cyclically.
  • It may be used as a general-purpose gateway (or router when using Acceptance Code/Acceptance Mask feature) 
  • It may be used as LIN slave or master/slave (no data conditioning takes place when handling a scheduler list in LIN master mode)
  • An option is available to provide electrical decoupling between the RS232 and CAN/LIN (maximum 1 kV)

There are 3 versions of the LIN gateway available......

  • IPEH-002025 for which the CAN port operates as a standard 2.0B Full CAN using the Philips 82C251 transceiver
  • IPEH-002028 for which the CAN port uses the "slow CAN" and the TJA1054 transceiver.
  • IPEH-002029 with the Full CAN interface and an opto-isolator in the serial port


PCAN-LIN gateway
 CAN & LIN 9-pole male connector
9 pin connector 1 VBAT 8 -18 V 
(Imax ~ 130 mA)
3 Ground (GND)
4 LIN Data
5 NC (Reserved)
6 Ground (GND)
8 NC (Reserved)
9 NC (Reserved)


PLIN-LWL Optical link


The PLIN-LWL package enables any LIN section to be implemented with an optical link. The optical waveguide consists of a 62.5/125 μm duplex fibre optic cable with ST connectors. Bit rates from 2.4 kbit/s up to 20 kbit/s are supported. It has a TJA1028 LIN transceiver and switchable master termination.

Areas of application include EMC measurements on LIN modules, LIN sub-sections with high electromagnetic irradiation and lines that pass through areas where there is a risk of explosion.

The package supplied contains two modules complete with 5 meters of fibre optical cable including connectors. The modules require an external power supply or they can be powered by batteries. A suitable battery is available as an option.


  Using CAN over an optical link



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