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Celebrating 40 years
supplying all your CAN and Embedded Development Tool needs


Development Products

These tools are independent of the embedded target hardware but are none the less important parts of the development process. Let's look at them from design through to production.


CAN interfaces, supporting software and in particular Automotive CAN such as J1939, and FMS standards. CAN Data Acquisition systems as well as Digital, A/D and D/A CAN converters, Network Extenders, Routers and Cables.

Communications Diagnostic

DOS and Windows based equipment and programs for testing  I2C, USB, Wireless USB, Ethernet, RS-232 and TCP/IP communications.


For EPROMs, PALs, GALs and micros. BDM and JTAG Flash Programmers.

GANG Programmers

For production programming we support a wide range of devices.

Production Test Systems

Many of our products have modes or variants that make them particularly suitable for a production environment.

Case Tools

Help in clarifying the design decisions and also document the final application. The Select Yourdon package provides all the necessary tools for documenting real time applications. The Artisan Designer Studio covers the C++ design life cycle.

Rom Emulators

For EPROMs ,Flash, LPI and SPI busses.

PC based instrumentation

The PC is a very convenient platform for instrumentation - Large Screen, familiar interface, Graphics, Data Storage, and Data in a convenient format for exchange. Because of this many of the pieces of laboratory equipment that were previously standalone purchases can now be obtained, very reasonably, as PC add-on cards or PC interfaced boxes. Here is a selection:-

USB protocol analysers

Reasonably priced and with USB 1 and 2 at up to 480Mbits/sec and support for decoding USB classes, these are a must if you are trying to use USB to link products.  The latest Certified Wireless and WiMedia’s Ultra wideband USB protocols are also supported with over air and MAC/PHY debugging capabilities.

Logic Analysers

From 24 to 160 channels at up to 500 MHz. 

Digital Storage Oscilloscope

This instrument has two analogue and 8 logic channels as well as providing spectrum analysis facilities.    With new low cost pocket versions here

Frequency Analyser

The DSO can perform as a Frequency Analyser, for example @ 50K/sec it will provide 3Khz resolution with 24K range.    With new low cost pocket versions here

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