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Lawicel CAN Products CANUSB and CAN232

Both these devices appear to the PC programmer as serial ports and are programmed by sending ASCII strings such as the following code...

tiiildd...[CR] Transmit a standard (11bit) CAN frame.

iii is the message Identifier in hex (000-7FF)

l is the Data length (0-8)

dd the data byte values in hex (00-FF).

So   t10021133[CR]

Sends an 11bit CAN frame with ID=0x100, and 2 bytes of data with the value 0x11 and 0x33

The CAN232 and CANUSB are almost completely program compatible.

CANUSB  -  a USB to CAN interface

The Lawicel CANUSB interface looks to the PC like a serial device and is easily programmed by sending the requires string of characters to the USB's  simulated COM: port. 

CANUSB is a very small dongle that plugs into any PC USB Port and gives an instant CAN connectivity. It is treated by software as a standard COM: Port (serial RS232 port) which eliminates the need for any extra drivers and makes programming of simple CAN sequences very easy for the novice VB or C programmer. transmitting and receiving being done in standard ASCII format. Installing a direct driver DLL allows faster communications and higher CAN bus loads.

  • Compliant with CAN 2.0A (11bit ID's) and CAN 2.0B (29bit ID's)
  • Handles up to 1Mbit/s CAN bit rate
  • USB 2.0 Full Speed
  • Philips 82C251 CAN Transceiver (Fully Compatible with ISO 11898-24V)
  • Supports RTR frames
  • A FIFO buffer for incoming frames holds up to 32 CAN messages
  • Time Stamp option in mS for incoming frames
  • CANbus connection according to CiA DS102-1 standard
  • Power supplied via the USB port
  • Low level Ascii Commands via USB COM: class driver, DLL or ActiveX interfaces. 
  • Windows  10, 7, 8 32 bit
  • Free Linux driver available
  • Industrial temperature range -40C to +85C
  • CANUSB  -  a USB to CAN interface


    The connections on the CANUSB box are

     standard 9 way D pins CAN 
     and  standard USB-B female

    The cable therefore required to connect to a PC is a  USB-A male to USB-B male ( also known as a USB printer cable )

    Note that the box is available from COMSOL either with or without a 1 Meter cable

    The cable length may be selected to suit customer demands, however for distances over 5M or in harsh industrial environments customers are working outside the USB standard and will need to investigate/test the units performance  possibly using active cables.


    Other than the absence of a cable this unit is electronically and software compatible with the older CANUSB design

      Note that the CANUSB and CAN232 are supplied with a simple bus monitor and example programs -  they are not supported by the advanced data logging  PCAN Explorer application.  


    CAN232  -  an RS232 serial to CAN interface

    The Lawicel CAN232 interface provide a simple and lowest cost connection between micro-controllers, PCs and other intelligent hosts and a CAN-network. 

    CAN232 supports both 11 bit ID and  29 bit ID CAN specifications with a maximum throughput of 1000 short messages/sec at 115,200 baud. The RS232 interface standard is ideal for use with PCs where it can be connected to a standard COM port with no system software as well as allowing legacy equipment to easily interface to CAN. 


    CAN232 includes a 32 message receive buffer, a millisecond time stamp on messages if required and an Auto Poll mode in which all CAN messages are passed directly to the RS232 port without having to be requested individually.  Firmware can be uploaded to incorporate new features as they are released.


    Simple monitor and transmit applications are available that are written in Delphi and VB6.  Source is supplied so they act both as test/setup tools and as sample code to get you going.  C++ and Linux code is also available.


    We can also supply this product as a DIP28 package for you to integrate into your application ( with or without RS232 Level transceiver ). Prices for one off are on the web shop call us for volume pricing.


    CAN232  -  an RS232 serial to CAN interface
    CAN pin assignments

                 8 -15 Volts DC at 100 mA power is required between 9 & 3

    For prices of CANUSB and CAN232 visit our Web Shop



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