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PCAN-PC-104       Information on PEAK PC 104 interfaces and software 1.6MBytes  

CAN PC/104 interfaces

  PCAN-Explorer leaflet 3.8Mbyte PCAN-Explorer

The PCAN-PC/104  interfaces provides a simple connection between PC/104 format and CAN-networks. 

PCAN-PC/104s supports both 11 bit ID and  29 bit ID CAN specifications with a maximum speed of 1MBaud they use the SJA1000 CAN-controller and the 82C251 driver.  The CAN-bus connection is via a 9-pin SUB-D plug, whose pin assignments conform to the CiA recommendation.  No termination is included in the interfaces.   The PC/104 to CAN converters are ideal for use with embedded applications.  Dual channel opto isolated versions are available if required.

The PCAN-PC/104 Fourteen different I/O-addresses (200h –3A0h) and eight different IRQ-maps (3, 4, 5, 7, 10, 11, 12 and 15) are jumper selectable.  It is also possible to work with more than one module in a PC/104 computer simultaneously sharing interrupts.  

The PCAN-PC/104-Plus is a high performance PCI version of the interface.  A quad isolated interface is available in this format and up to 4 of any of these cards can be stacked if required

The PCAN PCI/104-Express card allows up to 3 cards to be stacked into a PC104 Express configuration.

Free software
The PCAN-Basic software package is included to drive the PCI modules from within 32 and 64 bit versions of  W7,10,8.1, CE (ARM & x86), Linux.  It provides simple interfaces to C++, C#, C++/CLR, Delphi, VB, .NET,Java and Python 2.6.  The PCAN-View package is a useful Windows diagnostic program that displays and logs all messages on the bus as well as allowing manual creation of test messages. 


Also Available
Are a set of drives for time critical multi-threaded applications and the PCAN-Explorer package that provides advanced CAN bus diagnostics, reporting and control capabilities. Explorer supports J1939 and there is a PCAN-FMS package to operate with that standard. 

PCAN PC/104 interface Card   PCAN PC/104-Plus interface card   PCAN PCI/104 Express interface card
  PCAN PC/104   PCAN PC/104-Plus   PCAN PCI/104-Express
CAN pin assignments


 Part Numbers
PCAN-PC/104 PCAN-PC/104+ PC/104 Express  
IPEH-002054 IPEH-002094 IPEH-003054   Single Channel
IPEH-002055 IPEH-002095 IPEH-003055   Dual Channel
IPEH-002056 IPEH-002096 IPEH-003056   Single Channel optically isolated
IPEH-002057 IPEH-002097 IPEH-003057   Dual Channel optically isolated
N/A IPEH-002099 IPEH-003058   Quad Channel optically isolated



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