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Downloads from COMSOL

Comsol's Brochure  

It outlines our full range of products and has featured products and technologies.   Download 1.6 MBytes


In order to conserve internet bandwidth when a new edition is ready we send out a note of the contents and invite readers to pick up the latest copy. If you would like to know when we have added another of these irregular updates on what's new in the world of Embedded Development Tools then send a request to


Newsletter #19  ( 140 .pdf format )     Download

P & E's  Cyclone Universal

This Flash Programming and Debugging box supports the most popular ARM Cortex M0-M4 chips.

NXP/Freescale CPUs from Kinetis, Coldfire, Qorivva and 5xx/8xx PPCs.

With on board memory up to 1GByte , USB High Speed PC link.

For synchronous architectures - ARM CORTEX M0-M4, Qorivva, Coldfire V2-V4 and MPC5xx/8xx gives major improvements in download time.

For copies of earlier Newsletters see Newsletters


Principle Suppliers Literature in .pdf format


Abatron   ----   JTAG interfaces with GDB, Flash Programming and C/C++  API support

BDI3000 the Abatron JTAG interface used to support GDB, Flash Programming and C/C++  API   Download 699 KB

List of Flash devices supported  Download 1 KB

BDIAccess users manual ----  the API used to drive the Abatron units via C/C++    Download 270 KB



PEAK System Technik   -----  CAN Interfaces, Software, Modules and Accessories

PCAN-USB interfaces and the free PCAN-View and PCAN-Basic API   Download 5.6 MB

PCAN-PCI interfaces and the free PCAN-View and PCAN-Basic API   Download 1.8 MB

PCAN-PC/104 interfaces and the free PCAN-View and PCAN-Basic API   Download 1.4 MB

Description of the free software supplied with all Peak interfaces ( included in the 3 above )  Download 1.2 MB


PCAN-Explorer  CAN Bus Analyser and Exerciser Software     Download 3.7 MB


Our CAN Tutorial   Download 4.8 MB

PEAK's full 2016 Catalogue    but warning its......   Download 23 MBytes  


PEmicro Microcomputer Systems   ----    BDM/JTAG debugging and flash programming

USB Multilink Universal interface   Download 0.1 MB

USB Multilink Universal FX interface   Download 0.1 MB

Cyclone Universal flash programming unit   Download 0.2 MB

Cyclone flash programming unit for ARM Cortex   Download 0.2 MB

Cyclone Max flash programming unit for NXP 16/32 bit CPUs  Download 74 KB

Cyclone flash programming unit for STMicro   Download 0.5 MB

Cyclone flash programming unit for Renesas   Download 0.1 MB


CMX   ---  Real Time Executives   USB  & TCP/IP stacks plus File Systems

CMX  -  Embedded USB Device and Host Stacks     Download  66 KB


TCP/IP for Embedded Engineers    

Request TCP/IP White Paper 188 KB

An introduction to the subject for Engineers considering integrating TCP/IP functions into Embedded Applications for 8, 16 and 32 bit Microprocessors.
It includes descriptions of many of the most important protocols and which ones to use in particular situations with example Embedded Applications.

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