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Web Site Credits

Creating a web site of this complexity is no minor endeavour.  At a rough estimate there is well in excess of  10  man years effort involved to date ( Summer 97 - 19 ).  So how about a round of applause for:

Dramatis Personae ...

Work on the technical aspects - Population of the original site, conversion of the web to use Cascaded Style Sheets.  
Alex Vaks, Graham Crockford, Gus Paul, and Andrew Stephens.
For creation and population of the Web Shop and development of the first version   Michelle Wollen

For sterling work keeping its prices up to date as the world currencies fluctuate   Rosemary Hamilton

Modesty forbids one to say anything more than  -  "conceived, designed and maintained by"    Chris Stephens

With the aid of ...

FrontPage  -   Its now not supported .....  one day I will find an alternative but it does the job at the moment

Paintshop Pro 7 and CORAL 8  - for the more interesting graphics.

Our  Menu system - is built using The Ultimate Dropdown Menu Java Script package and is available from

Our Search Engine  -  is provided by FreeFind.  For more information on this service,  please refer to their web page at:

The Currency Converter  -  a free web service from Xenon Laboratories.  For more information on this service,  please refer to their Web page at:

Teclan hosts our site

Sellerdeck  powers our web shop for more details of their package visit

Site Statistics ...

HTML Pages: 395
Web Shop Pages: 103
External Links: 1380
Size: 60 Mbytes
Average visitors/week: 1,500
Total visitors to date: >4,000,000
Bandwidth used: 2.0 GBytes/month

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