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Chip Specific Products

Supported Chips  

For each Microprocessor chip family (over 100 are listed) our Tools Directory shows all software and hardware designed for that family and where necessary (Simulators, ICE, programmers) it shows which individual chips within the family are supported.

BDM & JTAG Debuggers

These low cost development tools are available for most NXP/Freescale (Motorola)  8,16 and 32 bit processors as well as ARM, Xscale and MIPS cpus.


useful both for prototype development and for small volume applications COMSOL can supply boards for the ARM cores, ColdFire and many of the NXP/Freescale 8 bit micros.

Rom Emulators

For EPROMs ,Flash, LPI and SPI busses.

C Real Time Operating Systems

All but the smallest single chip applications benefit from the use of a real time executive. It simplifies the design stage, forces clear interfaces between parts and allows separate sections to be coded, tested and modified independently. We have a range of real-time executives to suite every need and most CPUs.

Embedded Program Libraries

Now that C is established as the universal high level language for embedded work the promise of reusable functions is beginning to be realised.  Most communication with the outside world demands complex high level protocols such as File structures, TCP/IP, FTP etc.

EBS provide C source code that simplifies this process and includes DOS files, PCMCIA, CDROM, Floppies, IDE, TCP/IP, FTP, NFS, PPP, Ethernet, SNMP, Mail, HTML web servers.

CMX-MicroNet provides TCP/IP, PPP and a web server all in under 20K bytes for 8/16/32 bit micros.

The user interface has increasingly become standardised on Windows compatible GUIs and for this PEG provides a low overhead portable Windows package.  WebC is an embedable  web browser based on PEG and the EBS stack

Assemblers, Compilers and Simulators  

the heart of any microprocessor development facility. We have cross development software available for most micros.

ROM Monitors / Debuggers

Using only software and a few clever hardware tricks, these can provide a low cost software development environment.

Intel x86

this warrants a section to itself as the dominance of PCs has resulted in a powerful set of tools but few of them are directly applicable to embedded applications. COMSOL can supply powerful linkers, simulators and debuggers designed for the embedded engineer.


General Development Products

These tools are independent of the embedded target hardware but are none the less important parts of the development process.

CAN Interfaces and software

Interfaces between the CAN bus and PCs and PC104 as well as configurable CAN modules.  A LIN gateway is also available as   an increasing range of CAN based I/O


For EPROMs, PALs, GALs and micros. BDM and JTAG Flash Programmers.

GANG Programmers

For production programming we support a wide range of devices.

Communications Diagnostic

DOS and Windows based equipment and programs for testing CAN, I2C, USB, Wireless USB, Ethernet, RS-232 and TCP/IP communications.

Production Test Systems  

Based on the low cost BDM interface and a simple library for you to create your own tests.

Case Tools

Help in clarifying the design decisions and also document the final application. The Select Yourdon package provides all the necessary tools for documenting real time applications. The Artisan Designer Studio covers the C++ design life cycle.



PC based instrumentation

The PC is a very convenient platform for instrumentation - Large Screen, familiar interface, Graphics, Data Storage, and Data in a convenient format for exchange. Because of this many of the pieces of laboratory equipment that were previously standalone purchases can now be obtained, very reasonably, as PC add-on cards or PC interfaced boxes. Here is a selection:-

USB Protocol Analysers

PC based these devices record and display the sequence of transactions taking place in the USB bus.

Logic Analysers

from 24 to 160 channels at up to 500 MHz.

Digital Storage Oscilloscope

This instrument has two analogue and 8 logic channels as well as providing spectrum analysis facilities.

Frequency Analyser

The DSO can perform as a Frequency Analyser from DC to 50MHz.

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