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Celebrating 40 years
supplying all your CAN and Embedded Development Tool needs


Chip Specific Products

On chip Flash Programmers and Debuggers are one of COMSOL'S specialities

Available for many chips from the ARM Cortex, Kinetis, Coldfire down to the humble 68HC08

C Real Time Operating Systems

All but the smallest single chip applications benefit from the use of a real time executive. It simplifies the design stage, forces clear interfaces between parts and allows separate sections to be coded, tested and modified independently. We have a range of real-time executives to suite every need.

Embedded Program Libraries

Now that C is established as the universal high level language for embedded work the promise of reusable functions is beginning to be realised.  Most communication with the outside world demands complex high level protocols such as DOS file structures on a floppy, TCP/IP, FTP etc.

CMX provide C source code that simplifies this process and includes DOS and Windows compatible file Systems, PCMCIA, CDROM, Floppies, IDE, TCP/IP, FTP, NFS, PPP, Ethernet, SNMP, Mail, HTML web servers.

CMX-MicroNet provides TCP/IP, PPP and a web server all in under 20K bytes for 8/16/32 bit micros and is particularly suited to single chip systems such as Cortex.

CMX have a range of Embedded USB Host and Device Stacks including support for Thumb drive operation

The user interface has increasingly become standardised on Windows compatible GUIs and for this PEG provides a low overhead portable Windows package.

Rom Emulators

Significantly cheaper than an ICE these were the development mainstay in the days of EEPROMS.  They may be the only solution for legacy systems where the ICE are no longer available and are still useful for developing code for Flash, LPI and SPI busses.


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