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Emulators of one sort or another are the tool of choice for many engineers. They can be used at all stages of development – with ICE starting the development of software before the hardware is available, through to speeding up hardware debugging, to the all-important integration stage. They are particularly useful when developing high level C code.  Once developed the units can be used to flash programs into on and off chip memory.

Chip Assisted Emulators......  BDM & JTAG Debuggers

NXP/Freescale have pioneered the inclusion on the chip of sophisticated debug aids with their background debug (BDM) and SDI capabilities. JTAG is an increasingly popular way of linking to on chip debug facilities for high end processors such as ARM, Kinetis, ColdFire and PPC. These interfaces can also be used for cost effective flash programming in development and production.


Ethernet interfaced for high throughput these BDM & JTAG units support debugging and flash programming for Arm Cortex, ARM 7 8 9 & 11, ColdFire, most Power PCs inc QorIQ P2049/P3-5/T4, MIPS32/64 and XScale.

P & E

Supply low cost JTAG debuggers with USB and Ethernet interfaces for NXP/Freescale Qorivva PPC 55xx/56xx/57xx and the ARM based Kinetis as well as a BDM interface to 68HC08, HCS08, HCRS08, HC12, HCS12, HCS12X, HC16, CPU32, Coldfire and Power PC 500, and 800 series and MAC71xx,72xx. They also supply supporting debugging and flash programming software.  Their Cyclone range of units can be interfaced by Ethernet, USB and Serial ports as well as being loaded with multiple memory images and disconnected from the computer to act as standalone flash programmers. When used in production programming multiple Cyclones can be run from a single PC. Cyclone units are now available for ARM Cortex, Renesas, Hitachi and STM chip families.

Rom Emulators

Not an ICE but only a fraction of the price these were the tool of choice before the BDM/JTAG link was devised.  They are still a convenient solution where no on-chip capability is available as they can be used with any EPROM ,Flash, LPI and SPI busses.

Universal Emulators

For those with a big enough budget an ICE provides full diagnostics in real time including trace so when it comes to reducing development time an ICE is hard to beat. COMSOL has extensive experience of ICE particularly for what are now "legacy CPUs".

16/32 bit chips such as 186/8, 196, 251, HC(S)12(X), 68000, CPU32, 166, C816, TMS470, CR16 & V850.

As well as old favourite 8 bitters such as  8051, C500,  Z80, Z180, 8085, 6809, HC05, HC(S)08, HC11, 78K, COP8, ST7

Email details of your requirement (CPU, speed, Chip pin count and format)  to and we will see what we can recommend.

Socket Converters

The bane of every emulator manufacturers life is the annoying variety of IC form factors - I suppose a 132 pin 0.1" DIP is out of the question!  If you are looking for an adapter or converter for that unusual IC then chances are Emulation Technology will have one.


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