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Embedded Program Libraries

Your company has made significant investments in obtaining expertise and designing algorithms in your application area so will re-use many of the resulting functions in a number of products.  But you cannot be an expert in every field and applications are getting more complex and requiring more sophisticated interfaces.   We are not paid to re-invent the wheel and by buying in pre-written functions a number of major advantages accrue:

  • Code that has been tried and tested over a wide range of circumstances

  • Well written documentation on day one

  • Improved time to market

  • Available over a range of CPU's

It's easy enough to write device drivers at the character and line level for UARTs and parallel printers. However these days with the increasing need for embedded systems to exchange data with the rest of the world, the daunting task of providing complex standard protocol drivers is becoming more and more common.

Now that C is established as the universal high level language for embedded work the promise of re-usable functions is beginning to be realised.

COMSOL is building up a comprehensive range of functions and drivers, all of which are designed for embedded applications, and which can rapidly be integrated into your application.

Real Time Executives

These simplify production of applications by allowing you to modularise applications for simple testing and extension.  Also, they provide a range of ready developed utilities that would otherwise need to be created.  For details of the executives available follow this link.

TCP/IP stacks email & www

Including device drivers and network applications such as FTP, Mail, Embedded Web Servers and Browsers.  We can now provide either a stripped down stack PPP and Web server CMX-MicroNet designed for 8 and 16 bit processors.  Or a fully featured stack for configurations where memory is not so tight.  This includes a full range of options even including a Web Browser

DOS Compatible file system

This provides DOS, FAT32 and long name support for an embeddable disk file system. Drivers are available for IDE, Floppies, Flash, PCMCIA and CDs. A "FAT64" option allows the creation of 24 Terabyte files.

Embedded USB Stacks

These Device, Host and On The Go stacks are available for a range of CPUs and solve the problem of how to make your embedded micro USB compatible.  Support is also available for connecting Thumb and other Flash drives or appearing to a PC to be a Thumb drive 

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