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If you are using the GNU GCC compiler the BDI3000 will simplify and speed up debugging your code.  The Abatron bdiGDB 3000  uses a powerful 10/100 Ethernet connection to your PC for high speed downloads and GDB GNU control via the BDM, JTAG or SW-DP interface to help develop your application. 


It is available for the following CPUs: 

  ARM Cortex-M0, M3, M4(STM32 & Luminary Micros Families),  ARM Cortex-A5, A7, A8 (TI OMAP3430), A9, R4,   ARM7/ 8/9 TDMI, 11,  XScale, 
  QorlQ  T4240, P3041  P3/P4/P4/P5/T4, P10xx/P20xx/P30xx/P50xx

  Power PC: 4xx,  5xx,   6xx,  7xx,  74xx,  744x, 745x,   8xx,   82xx,  83xx,   85xx,  8641(D)
  MPC51xx, 5200, 55xx, MGT5xxx  as well as the Xilinx Virtex-II Pro & Virtex-4 with up to 4 PPC405 cores.
  MIPS32/64,  XLS/XLR, PA6T, Applied Micros APM821xx, APM83xxx, APM86xxx.  


Because it uses the BDM, JTAG or SW-DP interfaces to communicate with the target it does not take up a serial interface nor does the target need to have an Ethernet port operational  before debugging can commence. The connectors are low cost and can be put onto all boards that are manufactured and it does away with the expensive chip sockets needed by ICE.

The BDI3000s Ethernet interface gives it very fast download speed of 1.5MBytes/sec.

Using GDB and the Abatron BDI3000 you can set breakpoints, single step execution, examine and set memory locations and registers.

bdiGDB can disassemble machine code or be used to debug C, C++, JAVA, Pascal and Fortran

Major features that bdiGDB  adds to GDB are

  • It will support the CPUs internal hardware break registers for debugging code running in ROM or flash. 
  • If you are developing a Linux Kernel then it will work with MMU (memory management units).
  • Also included is the ability to debug in, and to program, "on chip" flash areas and most popular off chip flash devices as part of the GNU debugging strategy (GDB normally assumes all memory is RAM).
  • To see the flash devices supported click on this link 
  • Support for concurrent debugging of multiple CPUs on the same JTAG chain ( ARM, XScale, Xilinx & PPC4xx )

Windows 95/98, 2000, ME, NT, XP, Vista, W7, W8,  Unix and Linux hosts are all supported.


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Need to use the BDM/JTAG interface as part of your ATE process and to write your own C drivers ?


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