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An Announcement


Having run COMSOL now for 41 years and reached the grand old age of 75 I have decided to close COMSOL for retail sales at the end of the year ( thats pre BREXIT - I can do without that excitement_) The first stage in this has been for Peak to appoint a new UK Distributor for their CAN products and this is now in place with Mark Wood's company Control Technology acting on their behalf.

 Mark Wood
Control Technologies UK Ltd
Unit 12, The Granary
Stoke Mill
Mill Road
Sharnbrook, MK44 1NN

+44(0) 1234 247 176

Control Technology are still in the process of populating their web site so you can browse our web site for technical details of Peaks product range and having identified your requirement go to their web shop or, if what you want its not there, call them for prices and availability


Control technology will take over responsibility for Peak's UK technical support but I am working with them to smooth the transition so feel free to contact me if you wish. If any of you wish to chew the fat ( best thing about consultancy is you get all the fun of the design stage with none of the responsibility_).

Its been an exciting ride with you our customers , often on the bleeding edge of technology, and I thank you for your trust, orders and sometimes for your patience.

I wish you all success in your future projects.


Chris  Stephens



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