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Dear friends and customers,

In 1979 I set up COMSOL and have run it, supported by and supporting the Embedded Development community, for 41 years. Having reached the grand old age of 75 I have decided to close COMSOL for retail sales at the start of 2021.  Its time to relax and fulfil other ambitions.

The web shop is now closed.

We still have a few P&E interfaces which we are selling at a discount and we are able to get in Cyclones  and supporting software but for UK sales only.  If you are interested email on the link below.

We will continue to represent Embedded Systems Academy with their excellent range of CANopen Magic software.

The new UK Distributor for Peaks CAN products is Control Technologies UK Ltd                  +44(0) 1234 247 176

I will continue to provide support on all the sales I have made in the last 2 years.

If any of you wish to pick my brains or otherwise chew the fat I will retain the below email and phone number until I decide what to do with the web site  ( the best thing about consultancy is you get all the fun of the design stage with none of the responsibility ).

Its been an exciting ride with our customers , often on the bleeding edge of technology and I thank you for your trust, orders and sometimes for your patience.

Stay well.

I wish you all success in your future projects.










 Information Zone

CLICK Embedded Tutorials

Do you need to quickly become knowledgeable about a CPU family or Embedded USB, CAN or TCP/IP or On-Chip Debugging ?
If so we have prepared a series of short Technology Tasters to get you up to speed with the Micros, Standards and jargon.  We hope you will find them informative.


Web site News

COMSOL's Web site has now had over Four Million visitors.   Thank you for visiting  - we hope you find the site as useful and informative as our other visitors tell us they do.



Price is always part of any engineering decision so we have always tried to publish prices along with our technical literature. Those items which are normally supplied from stock have their price held on our web shop - you can move back and forward to look at technical information without loosing the contents of your shopping basket. The prices shown on the web shop are for cash with order purchase within the UK for a wide range of products that are normally available for next day shipping with following day delivery or at worst on a 5 to 10 day turnaround <see BREXIT note top of page> and the web site prices do not include VAT (20%) or shipping.  Prices shown on the web site that are sourced from companies in the EU and US may regrettably be out of date given the fast moving exchange rate variations of the current economic climate - call for up to date prices.

 Prices for international purchases are essentially the same but additional costs must be covered and theUCC paperwork is more complex. Follow this link for details of  International Purchase conditions.  The Universal Currency Converter™ comes to you by kind permission of those nice people at Xenon Laboratories. It is supplied as a guide to exchange rates and neither Xenon nor Computer Solutions make any guarantees as to it's accuracy.

About us

Computer Solutions Ltd or COMSOL for short has been in business for 40 years selling embedded development tools and working on consultancy projects. During this time our consultancy activities have ranged from designing true single chip applications to one system which has over 7,000 linked microprocessors (and that was before the days of the internet).

We like a technical challenge and many of the products described on this site have come onto our books as the result of responding to a clients need. So if you don’t see the answer to your embedded design problem on the site, drop us an email or give us a call and we will try to find you the tool you are looking for.

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