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PEmicros ARM support includes more chips
and an ultra low price cable


The PEmicro USB Multilink ACP and the Cyclone ACP production FLASH programmer will now program the ATMEL SAMxxx, STM32, NXP M0,M3,M4, NXP/Freescale Kinetis (all), S32, LPC, i.MX TI-Stellaris LM3S,LM4,TM4C12xx, Infineon XMC4xxx, Maxim 716xx, Silicon Labs EFM32, ERF32, SiM3, Cypress PSoC®4, PSoC®5, PSoC®6, Toshiba TX00,TX03,TX04  On-Bright OB90R,  Nordic semi nRF51, nRF52,  Silergy MAX716xx  as well as a wide range of on and off chip SPI and off chip flash memories,

For users who want the cheapest Cortex debug cable USB Multilink ACP


With these features

Fast, hassle-free USB 2.0 communications interface

Draw power directly from the USB port – no external power supply needed

Multi-voltage support for targets ranging from 1.6 to 5.25 Volts

Target Frequency: 16Khz-50Mhz



See ARM support page


Cyclone Universal On Chip flash programmer and Debugger



Works with Kinetis, ARM Cortex , ColdFireV1--4,
  MPC55xx/56xx/57xx Qorivva (AKA Nexus), MPC5xx/8xx,
Power Architecture S32, PX, DSC, MC56F8xx
STMicroelectronics SPC56,

 MAC7xxx (ARM)

68HC08  HCS08/RS08   68HC12/S12   S12X/12Z

Cyclone Universal Flash programing tool

And now with faster links to both the PC and the target the Cyclone Universal FX  can speed up the production line and add extra security to your programming process. ......... For more details of this product see Cyclone Universal FX


Example of Flash programming speed for NXP Kinetis K70 (eMMC) : programming  runs at  3,063 KB/s and Verify is  3,971 KB/s


CPU Support and features are as for the Cyclone Universal with the following enhancements :-

  • USB 2.0 link now supports "High-speed" protocol (up to 480Mb/sec link to the PC).

  • 1 Gbyte internal memory, no practical limit to # of images held.

  • SDHC Port for even more space.

  • For most recent CPUs ( e.g. Cortex M0-4, Qorivva, HC16/683xx, Coldfire  and MPC5xx/8xx ) a variant of the communication link to the target is provided that increases the download speed to a max of 25Mb/sec giving up to 5 x faster download of data.

  • Additional security features include ensuring that if you outsource your production no one can "run off a few units" without you knowing.

Cyclone Universal FX Flash programing tool

PEmicros low cost high speed

USB Universal On Chip Debugging Interface


The USB Multilink Universal  On-Chip-Debugging cable supports most NXP/Freescale chips and with suitable software can be used for Flash Programming and Debugging embedded target systems. It works with JTAG, SWD and BDM On-Chip-Debugging protocols.

If you are unfamiliar with the use of "On-Chip-Debugging" we have a short tutorial

It support these NXP/Freescale architectures:-   Cortex M4 (see above) , Kinetis  (JTAG and SWD),  ColdFire V1, +V1 and  V2 - 4 , Qorivva MPC55xx/56xx/57xx, HC(S)12(X), S12Z, HCS08, RS08 and DSC series.

Includes are ribbon cables for all supported architectures

Fast, hassle-free USB 2.0 communications interface

Draw their power directly from the USB port – no external power supply needed

Multi-voltage support for targets ranging from 1.6 to 5.25 Volts

Auto-frequency detection for HC(S)12(X), HCS08 + trimming capabilities for HCS08 devices.

Generates programming voltage on RESET line for RS08 devices.

For more details.

Aside from supporting a wider range of chips ( add 68K,HC16, PX & PPC 5xx/8xx) a major attraction of the Universal FX version is that for Synchronous architectures such as the Kinetis,  Qorivva,  Coldfire V2-V4, 683xx, HC16, Power Architecture PX Series and the DSC the communications can run at 4 to 10 times faster than the older Multilink interfaces giving faster downloading of code and uploading of debug information.



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