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What's New?

Q1 19  New  Products Peak release the PCAN Mini Diag FD a network test instrument that reports on the health of your CAN network including  Speed, Termination, Voltages, Bus load and message count.


Peak have a new 32Mbyte 2019 brochure     As some items are not yet on this site call for anything you cannot find with the search engine.


Q4 18 
New Feature We have moved to Addlestone  --  see the page footer for new address and new phone number

Q4 17  New  Products P&E s release the FX version of their Cyclone flash programmer Cyclone Universal FX  with super fast links to both the PC and to the target


P&E which interface matrix shows what works with what

P&Es ARM offerings now become clear (I hope)

Q1 16  New  Products P&E s latest incarnation of their popular Cyclone flash programmer is the Cyclone Universal and it supports chips from the HC08 all the way up to the ARM Cortex

P&Es ARM offerings now become clear (I hope)

Peak have a new 2016 brochure  with some items not yet on this site call for anything you cannot find with the search engine.

We have added lots more .pdfs of P & E interfaces and Cyclone flash programmers

New Feature We have moved to West Byfleet  --  see the page footer for new address and new phone number

Q2 15  New  Products Peaks CAN FD supports the Fast Data standard and brings CAN throughput up from 300KBits/sec to 3Mbits/sec

Peak release more modules:  Router DR,  Explorer Dongle,  RS232, GPS and a J1939 cable

New Feature Our popular CAN tutorial has now been updated to show how the CAN FD standard works (now I think I understand it ! )

Q3 14 New  Products A complete redesign of the P&E part of our web site to include their USB Multilink On Chip DEbug Universal and FX interfaces and the support for the Kinetis and Cortex chips

Q2 13 New  Products P&E have released their Cyclone for Cortex Programmer along with versions that will program the STMicroelectronics and Renesas families of micros

Abatron provide debugging support for the QorIQ™ T4240 (12 physical cores and 24 virtual cores !)

New Feature New tutorial subject Introduction to On Chip Debugging

Q4 12 New  Products Yet more Peak software products -

PCAN-Symbol Editor to convert those hex message streams into easily read symbols
PCAN-Link to allow CAN Networks to be controlled and operated across TCP/IP networks
PCAN-Trace Used to log and then play back CAN sequences in real-time.

Q3 12 New  Products A New hand held CAN bus diagnostics tool

Peak's Router and Router Pro allow filtering logging, and re-directing of CAN messages. 
The CAN Repeater and Extender allows the length of a CAN network to be extended.
Support is now provided for CCP and RP 1210 software standards for accessing CAN
More variants of the configurable Industrial I/O module have been added to the range.

Q2 12 New  Products Peak's PCAN-Express supports the PC Express Card format

Q4 11
New Feature Our Download page has been extended to provide large amounts of free technical literature for our range of PEAK and Abatron products as well as our TCP/IP white paper and our popular CAN tutorial. More New cards for the many PCI and PC/104 formats from mini - cPCI  to  PCI/104 Express
Q3 11
Product Upgrade As promised PCAN-Explorer version 5 with many new features and enhancements including W7 displays, project based layout and it now supports the  J1939 variant of CAN providing a complete database with the layout of all the symbols as defined in the spec.  Peak have done some excellent Video presentations on how to use their PCAN software
Q2 11
New Feature Video Presentation of PCAN-view Trace facility
Q1 11 New  Products Peak's PCAN-USB Pro with two CAN channels and two LIN channels at last reaches our Web site. As does their enhanced PCAN-View and PCAN-Basic support software, the Windows 7 version of PCAN-Explorer and its J1939 support --- a multitude of other new CAN products will hit the web site over the next few months

Q4 09
New  Products See the Cyclone family in action with our Video presentation 

CANUSB  the low cost Lawicel CAN interface with serial COM: connection.
New information about P&Es support for RS08, ColdFire V1 and Nexus

Q2 09
New  Products P&E add powerful Batch and ATE features to the Cyclone Pro and Max range as well as supporting External Flash memories to hold additional Programming images

We now distribute the EmuTec range of PROMJet ROM Emulators which can also handle LPI, SPI and comms channels to the target

New Feature The latest release of our Newsletter  went out in June
Q1 09
New  Products Abatron Release GDB debuggers to support the ARM11 including Cortex-A8 (for TI OMAP3430) and Cortex-M3 (for STM32 & Luminary Micro families) with Single Wire Debug Port communications if required.

Q3 08
New  Products CodeWarrior now ships all its compilers in a single low cost package.
Q1 08
New  Products Abatron release their super fast 10/100 Ethernet high speed BDM/JTAG interface ....   the BDI3000

The Ellisys 280 Explorer Protocol Tester and Analyser are USB 3 Super-Speed ready.

Q4 07
New  Products New CAN products include PC/104-Plus interfaces, a CAN Router that can also be used as a CAN Extender and an FMS Toolkit to investigate, log, replay and simulate operation of the Truck and Bus standard for CAN.  All Peak interfaces now run under Vista,

Abatron supports GDB debugging on the MobileGT MPC5121, MPC55xx Nexus and the dual core MPC 8641D

New Feature The latest release of our Newsletter  went out in November
Q3 07

USB Device, Host and OTG Stacks from CMX are now available to support ARM, PPC and ColdFire processors
Keil have a range of kits that include a compiler and an ARM evaluation board

Q2 07
New  Products A new range of ARM Compilers and development tools are available from Keil
We are now able to supply the Freescale CodeWarrior range of Compilers and IDE.

The latest release of our Newsletter  went out in June

Q1 07
New Feature More tutorials .... first the venerable 8085 and also a tutorial on embedded USB
New  Products The Cyclone Pro and Cyclone Max have been enhanced to provide an LCD screen and the ability to hold multiple download images for selection at programming time

Our Web site has been in constant development since 1997 for details of earlier changes
see  Whats new 1997 to 2006 - the first 10 years

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