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The Information Zone

Many of our customers are still at the early design stage and one of the nice things about running COMSOL has been the many discussions on design options with these engineers.  We hope we have been of help.  We don't want the calls to stop so keep phoning.  But we do want to be of help to an even  wider audience and so we have created COMSOL's Information Zone this web area to act as a focus for a wide range of different types of information.  We have a few ideas for its development but would welcome both ideas and contributions from you, the users.


New ------  Technology Tasters
These brief tutorials are designed to help engineers rapidly become familiar with new technologies and new CPUs.  During our 25+ years in the game much of the technology buzz of running COMSOL has come from developing an understanding of new technologies. These have included both evaluating new CPU families and new ways of connecting them to one another and to the outside world.

So visit our Embedded Tutorials page for information on interfacing to CAN, USB, TCP/IP and for an overview of the 8085 and 8051 processor families features.



Micro-Search solves a growing problem for designers. Chip manufacturers are using the Internet as the primary source of detailed component data so data books and even CDs are becoming things of the past. But the volume of data required to do a comprehensive survey is becoming prohibitive. With multiple manufacturers supplying over 1,111 variants, finding the right 8051 device can take a great deal of valuable resources. 

Micro-Search reduces the time you will spend sorting through numerous unsuitable 8051 specifications. You can start from one of a number of pre-sorted lists that contains comprehensive details of all the processors that match a requirement. A variety of selection criteria are available, such as, number of I/O bits, timers and UARTS, power consumption, clock speed, RAM/ROM size, etc, enabling you to quickly find the right device even for the most demanding design. 

If your requirements are complex then with our new Self Selection Micro-Search you can create a report that only holds the micros that satisfy your selection criteria and you can decide which parameters you want displayed in the final report.

Supported Chips

For each Microprocessor chip family (over 100 are listed) our Supported Chips Directory shows all the software and hardware that supports that family and for things like Simulators, ICE, and Programmers it shows which individual chips within the family are supported.

Embedded Newsletter
Get a copy of the embedded newsletter with news of all the latest embedded development tools.
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