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Device Programmers

We support a number of different ROM, PAL, GAL and micro programmers so that all needs and pockets can be suited.

All-200 Our latest and fastest Universal programmer with a USB2  interface. Many plug-in adapters available for a range of form factors.

For prices of Programmers send an email with
Mfr, Part number, speed, form factor, #pins and single or Gang

All-200G The ALL-200 body can be fitted with a wide range of GANG modules to become the All-200G Gang Programmer capable of programming up to 8 devices in one go. 

P&E Cyclones in production application

Using a simple interface cable connecting directly to the USB of the PC these BDM cables can be used to program both internal and external flash memories connected to Kinetis, Coldfire, Qorivva, 68HCS08, 68HC12, 68HCS12, 68HC16, 68332, CPU32,  or Power PC.  Many of the 68HC08 chips include an on chip monitor MON08 and P&E's HC08 products interface to it both for development and programming purposes. 

The Cyclone Pro ( HC08/S08/R08, HC12/S12/S12X) and Cyclone Max (Kinetis, ColdFire, PPC and MAC71xx,72xx (ARM)) have USB and Ethernet interfaces for maximum speed. They can be used as BDM/JTAG interfaces for debugging during development but also as standalone programmers which once loaded do not need a PC. In addition for large production programming applications a single PC can drive multiple cyclones each holding many memory images.

Cyclone models are also available for ARM Cortex M0-4, STM 32 and other STM families and a range of Renesas microcontrollers.  



A range of fast BDM/JTAG controllers with flash programming algorithms that can operate very quickly as its interface is either by a serial port or Ethernet. It can download data at up to 320 Kbytes/sec. CPUs supported include ARM 7/8/9/11, Cortex, ColdFire, most PowerPC from 4xx to QorIQ & Power Architecture® as well as MIPS.


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