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After supplying all your  Embedded Development Tool needs for 42 years
 Computer Solutions Ltd and its web shop are now closed.



 Having reached the grand old age of 75 it is time to relax and fulfil other ambitions.

 Its been an exciting ride with you, our customers, often on the bleeding edge of technology
 and I thank you for your friendship, your trust, and your orders.

Stay well        I wish you all success in your future projects.

Chris Stephens.



     But what to do with the web site ?  It has taken >12 man years of work to create a repository of knowledge on many aspects of the art and science of embedded microprocessor development and even after closing the shop it still gets over 4,000 visitors per month.  So as a service to my customers I have decide to keep it live providing my technical insights on the products and then redirecting viewers to sites where they can purchase the items they used to buy from us. Follow the link   "Home"

       The  "Information zone"  consists of articles produced as background tutorials on subjects of interest to those designing new products.  As different CPUs have became available this has lead to new development techniques and in particular to new ways of communicating between nodes.


Home Information Zone

CMX-RTX Features

A true pre-emptive multi-tasking operating system, CMX-RTX offers the programmer the ability to work with interrupts and tasks in many ways. CMX allows both tasks and interrupts to use CMX functions. CMX provides the user with full pre-emption and the ability to have either co-operative or time slice scheduling, or indeed both should he decide that he needs them.

CMX provides the user with a powerful set of functions, specifically designed to give the user the tools necessary for them to create an efficient multi-tasking application program.

  • ALL source code supplied

  • Extremely FAST context switch times

  • Very low interrupt latency times

  • ROMable

  • Most "C" vendors supported

  • Scheduler and interrupt handler written in assembler for speed and optimisation

  • Supports nested interrupts

  • All CMX functions contained in library

  • Very compact code, yet robust

  • Easily interfaces to assembly language

  • User configurable

  • No royalties on embedded code

CMX-RTX is available for

Single User Licences
ARM-Cortex-M0-4, AVR,  H8/300, H8/300H, 68HC11, Flexis Q128 ColdFire V1
ARM7/9-Thumb, H8S/2000, ColdFire,  TLCS-900, Mitsubishi M16C/60, M16C/80, M32C, 7700, DSP563  80C161/3/4/5/6/7, PIC 24, PIC32, dsPIC30-33, 320C3x/C4x/C54x, 68HC16, CR16, F²MC-16, 68K, 68332, eZ80,  ST10, V850, MAXQ, DragonBall
8051 + derivatives, Z80/Z180
80186/188, PC based, 80x86 real or protected,
68HC(S)12(X), 8051-XA, 80251,
Dallas 80C390/400 Extended memory
Power PC, Analogue Devices SHARC 21xx, Hitachi SH, NEC 78K4, 166SV2, ST9/9+, Super 10, 56K, MIPS, 80196/296, Starcore
TI C6x, Teak, Teaklite, Palm, Blackfin, ARC 600

Seat licences include ROYALTY free ROM generation. Multiple products may have the CMX code embedded in ROM for that processor family at no extra cost. CMX kernels come with ALL SOURCE CODE and user manual. CMX provides interrupt driven C templates for UART operation; if using off chip UARTs the user will need to define these and suitable initialisation code. Support code is not supplied for chip specific I/O such as A/Ds etc.

6 month's free technical support and any updates.

Discounts on additional seats and multiple RTOS purchases.

CMX is constantly adding new processors and ‘C' vendors to their list. Call to enquire about latest additions. Vendors of ‘C' compilers for the above processors (alphabetically listed):

American Arium, Archimedes Software, ARM, Atolic, Avocet Systems, Borland, BSO/Tasking, Ceibo, CodeWarrior, Cosmic, Diab Data, NXP/Freescale, Franklin Software, Green Hills, GNU GCC, Hitachi, Hi-Tech, HIWARE, IAR Systems, Intermetrics, Introl, Keil, Microsoft, Microtec Research, NEC, Panasonic, PLC, SDS, SGS-Thompson, Sierra Systems, Software Development Systems, STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments, Toshiba and Watcom.

For more Information:

For more information on CMX List of function calls, Task Scheduling, Interrupt handling, Debug aids.
For CMX MicroNet The TCP/IP stack that is optimised to run on 8/16/32 bit embedded micros.
For CMX TCP/IP The fuller TCP/IP stack that requires a 32 bit embedded micros and provides improved performance but needs larger RAM .
For CMX USB Stacks Embedded Device Stacks or drivers that  support USB for8/16/32 bit micros.
For CMX File systems Embedded Device FAT 16 and 32 memory management systems
For CMX Options Task Tracker, Single chip and 166 optimised versions.


Home Information Zone
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